Praetorian's Spelljammer

Captain Blackblade

Say it or ill make ya walk the plank

What a week! Laid off one ship, wondering where my next meal (and prizes) would be coming from. Make one visit to a bar to enquire on captain's that may be looking for crew, and a bar fight later I get my very own ship! Even comes with a bit of crew (though tubby the quartermaster is probably eating all the supplies and losing requisition forms already).  Somehow we picked up two crew  from the bar fight.  Some creepy dead elf (yeah, dunno why he didnt stay that way) and…well, im not really sure what that other fellow is. I dont think ive even looked at him to be honest. Just know that he follows white and creepy around like a lost puppy.


Made Watcher my first mate on account as he is the only other that really knows what we are about, privateering and pirating. Redistribution of wealth as it were.  Maybe it will make him honest. Hopefully it just keeps him too busy to loot my share.  Really need to get him some leadership courses so's he can take the new lads in hand. Instead of staring silently. Well named he is, Dreadfully obtuse on his new duties.


Ah and I cant forget to talk about that wonderful lass, Vicky, who has gifted me this lovely ship. And whats more, the name it comes with seems to drive Watcher up the walls! Win Win! (that'll teach ya ta steal my silver offa my kills.)



The_Praetorian dakkonwastes

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