Crew Positions

The following are the most common method in which crews are broken down.  Each position (save the Owner) is considered to be held by a ship's officer.  Other positions may be created by player characters.


Owner(s) – The one(s) who owns the ships, and signs the documents in the ship's name.

Captain – Ultimate authority on the ship when in combat.  May or may not be the owner of the vessel.

1st Officer – The second-in-command.  Serves as captain should the captain be incapacitated or not present.  Often responsible for boarding parties.

Helmsman – The mage currently linked into the helm, whose abilities determine speed and movement of the craft.  There may be several helmsmen aboard a ship.

Ship's Mage – Highest level wizard not currently involved in spelljamming.

Ship's Priest – Highest level cleric onboard.

Navigator - Responsible for long-distance movement and tactics, keeps star charts.

Quartermaster - Responsible for supplies, including food, air, and weapons.

Crew Positions

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