- Freeing yourself from grapples and the like
- Squeezing through tight spaces without losing movement
- Balancing on thin/fragile surfaces without falling
- Landing on your feet after a fall
- Ignoring minor falling damage, such as falling from a cart

- Recall lore about magic items and spells
- Recognizing the functions of magic accessories, such as a wizard's spellbook or a warlock's tome
- Identifying a spell in a scroll/book
- Controlling a wild magic item/effect, such as a Sphere of Annihilation
- Disarming magic traps
- Understanding properties of spells cast by others (like knowing that a Banishment spell can be undone by attacking its caster)
- Identifying spells being cast (in my campaigns I use Nature for druid/ranger spells and Religion for cleric/paladin spells, but that's just me)

- Shoving creatures
- Grappling creatures
- Going through rough terrain, such as stairs, without losing movement
- Jumping a certain height/distance
- Swimming in rough currents/in heavy armor
- Acting in mid-air

- Lying (duh)
- Fake crying
- Disguise emotions (such as pretending to like seeing a man tortured)
- Playing dead
- Passing yourself for someone else
- 'Being cool' if seen while following someone

- Recalling lore about families, events, places and heraldry
- Remembering anniversaries of important happenings
- Telling when/where a certain item was made
- Noticing a person's origins based on their looks or customs

- Identifying whether someone is being deceitful or evasive in answering
- Noticing what a person plans by what they're doing
- Telling if someone is following you rather than just going in the same direction
- Perceiving if someone is being mentally dominated
- Getting the meaning of underlying messages

- Intimidating (duh) someone into doing what you want
- Torturing someone
- Taunting someone into violence

- Searching someone (dead or alive) or an area (unlike Perception, this is made for clues or deductions that mere sight fail)
- Seeing through illusions
- Finding more about rumors
- Locating someone in an urban environment
- Searching for specific information in books/libraries

- Stabilizing someone
- Noticing a certain disease in someone
- Providing long-term treatment
- Knowing the body's limits related to a certain physical activity
- Knowing the dosages and uses for natural healing items
- Dissecting a body, or removing something from it

- Recalling lore about beasts, plants, terrain, types of vegetation and weather
- Knowing what plants are needed to make certain compounds/potions
- Identifying poisonous/dangerous food
- Harvesting poisons from plants/beasts
- Detecting strange weather changes

- Spotting/hearing hidden threats
- Recognizing someone who's far away
- Finding minute details
- Identifying a noise's source

- Singing
- Dancing
- Telling stories
- Delivering a good speech

- Convincing someone to do what you want
- Debating
- Knowing how to behave in a given social setting
- Flattering someone
- Seducing someone

- Recalling lore about deities, temples and rituals
- Performing a ritual according to specification
- Knowing what would be offensive to a certain faith

- Stealing from people without being noticed
- Juggling
- Putting something on someone without being noticed
- Picking a weapon from the air (such as from a disarmed foe)
- Concealing belongings in yourself
- Performing gestures or messages without being noticed (perhaps even somatic components, according to the DM)

- Hiding
- Moving without being heard
- Mingling in a crowd
- Following someone

- Tracking
- Foraging food
- Hunting wild game
- Protecting yourself from weather/terrain hazards such as sunburn and mosquitoes
- Finding water
- Knowing which way is north
- Avoid getting lost
- Making a decent campsite in extreme conditions


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