Dakkon Blackblade

Captain and Hero of all


Human with platinum hair. Short for a human at 5’4". He is arrogant and cocky. If he is seen without a gleam in his eye, or a plan in motion, beware. You have already fallen into a trap.



A human from Shadowfell, Dakkon was a slave in an iron mine as a child. That is, until he was 8 and a cave in killed the crew he was hauling rocks for. Disoriented and with few supplies Dakkon was left with few options. He knew the value of a slave and the effort to rescue would undertake. Disoriented and in the dark he hammered away with a pickaxe. Unfortunately not at the rockfall, but towards a quiet, almost subconscious voice.

Water was the first to run out, on the first day The foreman’s bladder fortunately survived giving him even that much. The slaves blood filled the water bladder after that, directed by…a feeling. It worked anyways, giving him the strength to continue for another two days before even the blood went bad. The next two days were filled with feverish thoughts. One more swing became a need of its own, rather than a return to the surface. Encouragement and glee suffused his thoughts.

On the fifth day, Dakkon broke into a chamber, carved as if from the rock, with no obvious doors or tunnels. In the center was a massive black greatsword, piercing the rock, standing. Suddenly crushed under the last 5 days of fatigue, held back somehow, Dakkon stumbled in a stupor, reaching out his hand to catch himself as he fell. Onto the greatsword.

His palm on the flat of the blade, knees collapsing under him, the sword speaks to his mind for the first time in his conscious thoughts.

“Oh! You’ll be a treat boy. So few qualms, so self centered. Yes, there is much that I can gain with one such as you. Bind yourself to me and I will grant you power. The death you cause will feed me and I will nourish you in return. Refuse oh stubborn one, and I’ll just eat you instead.”

With an offer like that, even in his exhausted fugue, Dakkon knew not to argue with a magic sword. He accepted and passed out.

When he woke, he found himself on the surface. Wondering if it was just a fever dream he looked around for the overseer. To discover that he woke up being kicked by him for sleeping.


A wordless emotion from the sword overpowered Dakkon’s normal reaction to the overseer. “How dare this peon! strike me!”, Dakkon thought. “He must be smote! Smotten. Smited. AARRrrrgGGG!”

Rolling away, Dakkon lets loose his first gift, an eldritch blast. The energy strikes the foreman in the head, the eldritch energies wreathing his eyes, boiling the fluid and causing them to burst. After that it was quite simple for the eight year old to kill his first man with a nearby pickax. Guards were summoned and listening to the voice, Dakkon waited with caution. The owner of the mine was summoned and hearing how the overseer was killed became gleeful. A slave gladiator can make so much more rather than a mine slave after all.

Four years training and another six years fighting all comers in The Pits, Dakkon, with the voice’s urging knew there was more for him. He took what little was his and left. The guards didn’t even try to stop him, after seeing him slaughter so many on the sands for years. He headed to the nearest port city to find a captain where he could learn once again, per the sword’s directions.

When he entered a rough bar, wearing no armor, with only a dagger, as a young man, many saw another victim. Unfortunately for those people, they only feed his patron their souls. Two of those were crew on Captain *******’s ship. Having seen this boy take out six roughs, and two of them his crew, he bought him an ale, to discuss his future job prospects.

Now 22, and once again jobless, due to the Captain’s enemies fouling the bank loan somehow, Dakkon enters another bar looking for work, only to discover a lovely woman named Vicky (well that’s what he will call her anyways, to tweak her nose) has a ship for him, in the free and clear. Well mostly. All he has to do is the odd job for her. Well he WAS going to pillage and rob anyways… At least now he has an occasional tip on where to find a juicy target!

Vicky, a pirates life is the way to be. Your welcome.

Rarely seen off the boat without his first mate Watcher, who does little it seems, but watch… (useless mechanical contraption, why I ever let him follow me off the boat…) Dakkon is willing to let his reputation smooth out any troubles. And if that doesn’t work, well obviously the solution is to expand his reputation so more people will be warned to just give him the shiny that has caught his eye. Before he takes everything else.

Dakkon Blackblade

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