Deathly Pale Elf


Sai appears very different from the typical elf. His skin is dry and ashen. His hair is bleach-white and brittle, like straw. His eyes are pale grey and convey little emotion, and he avoids making eye contact when he speaks. His movements, however, are almost supernaturally graceful.

Anyone who knows anything about elves and elven customs will realize that Sai is a child’s name. A typical elf would have adopted a full adult name at his apparent age.


The wood elf that was Sai, and would become Sai again after death, was born and raised in captivity in the Illithid Union. Over decades he witnessed sorrow, despair, and tragic loss of life under the yoke of their cruel captors. He was selected to be trained as front-line shock troops in the Illithid army and served in dozens of engagements before his whole legion was sacrificed as part of a bait and switch gambit. The Illithid of course never came back to collect the dead after this, and so the elf’s body sat in the bloody muck side by side with his fallen comrades for weeks. Unlike his cohorts however, his body did not decompose. In fact, had there been anyone to watch, they would have seen the misty souls of the fallen elves swirling over Sai’s corpse, imbuing him with the last of their essence, an eerie whirlpool of undead energy.

Finally, his corpse stirred and staggered to his feet and single-mindedly shambled off in the direction of the nearest settlement. Over the course of weeks the countless whispering voices in his head each imparted their story, then faded away. The last such voice to leave had only one imperative: “AVENGE US!”

At that point, he remembered much of the spheres and the realms and the factions, but precious little about himself. His childhood name, Sai, came back to him unbidden. But family, friends, and acquaintances were all lost to him. Upon finally reaching the settlement, he also found that the customs and mannerisms of the folk were strange and unfamiliar. He fumbled through his first few encounters, leaving some bewildered and others angered by his behavior.

But among the strangers, he chanced upon one as strange as himself. A blue-skinned individual named Aquius who greeted Sai with a joviality and openness that completely disarmed Sai and earned his trust. As they came to know each other, they found that they shared similar, if not identical, goals. Sai’s bonded word to aid Aquius in his quest is second only to Sai’s own mission.

After a series of misadventures, the two found themselves touching down in a back-water port city, unsure what lay ahead…


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